After you have published your site

Some sugestions to help your site be found by search engines such as google and yahoo and get placed higher on the searches

connecting your Google Webmaster Tools account to your Google Analytics account, you can track your rankings, the number of impressions your listings are getting and even your click-through rates.

What you need to do first is to sign up foryour Google Analytics account.

This is free and from there youcan submit a site map, track viistors the pages they visit, bounce rate ( how many leave your site after one page ( short definition). and many more diagnostic tools to help you tweak youer site to serve your visitors better and in doing so increace its poularity.

This is the Bing/Yahoo/MSN equivalent. Not so feature rich but still worthy to create accounts.
Submit your site and use the site analysis to find if your site meets the requirements, with suggestions of how to improve if it it doesn't.


Social media

Adding social media links to your site can help Main ones to consider are Facebook , linkedin and twitter and possible Google+

By linking to your cuastom social media pages you can show likes , visitors that sign up comments or testimonials via these links, providing many advantages.


Keyword research

use a keyword tool to find most searched for phrases for your product or servie that youe website offers. This can be used for organic search, adword pay per click, or generally to help your site be found by the most popular words or phrases that are searched for.

Free online tool:-